The Green Fingers Growathon 2015

We hope you enjoyed our Green Fingers Growathon week!

GFG  To support schools in educating pupils on where their food comes from, this spring we provided each school we provide lunches at with a gardening kit! These included the following :


Propagator Comp





A 40 cell propagator

Flower pots (10 small, 3 larger)


Seeds – Tomato, chive, runner bean, lettuce and courgette

We also created two videos with TV gardener Chris Collins (1) to show pupils how to use their kits and (2) to show them a great recipe they could try once their veggies have grown!

View Part 1 here:

View Part 2 here:

Below are a selection of growing guides and recipes!

Growing Guides

Chives & Lettuceimage3

Runner Beans & Courgettes



Courgette and Banana Muffin

Chive Dip and Veg Sticks

Chicken Salad Wrap (with a twist!)


Tomato Jamtomato jam bread

Wholemeal Loaf (to go with the jam – of course!)

Runner Bean Slaw



We also held a special Green Fingers Growathon week, in which we invited pupils to join us for food tasters in the dining hall. These included the recipes above and showcased what they could grow using their gardening kits. There was also a golden ticket competition where pupils could win seed prizes and have been entered into a draw to win a school day visit from Chris!

We hope everyone who took part in the Growathon had a great time and that it helped to get children excited about the food they’re eating.

If any schools have any photos which they’d like to share with us – or any feedback or ideas – please get in touch by e-mailing us at!


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