It’s Time to Feed Your Eco…

With more and more young people calling for action on climate change and demanding a stronger focus from adults on protecting our planet, we have been thinking about what we can do to be more sustainable caterers.

As well as looking at how we can act more responsibly behind the scenes in our kitchens – reducing plastics and food waste, recycling, composting and more – we’ve also been considering what we can do to help share and promote positive messages to students around sustainable food choices.

Feed Your Eco! is our new Tiller & Hobs concept which introduces a range of delicious, vegan friendly dishes and highlights existing plant-powered tasty meals already available on our menus. Launching in autumn 2020, it’s designed to promote meat reduction, celebrate veggies, plants and pulses and prompt conversations on how we can support healthier, more ethical and environmentally friendly food choices. It will consist of:

  • Hero Dishes

We’ve created a range of ‘hero’ dishes – new recipes which champion plant based deliciousness. Packed with flavour, they are a mix of innovative cuisine combos and veggie twists on traditional classics. From dough balls to cauliflower Kung Pao, they’re sure to be popular and help students on their way to 5-a-day.

  • Vegan Friendly Options

In addition to introducing our hero dishes, we’ll be highlighting all the vegan options already available on our menus more clearly, making it easier for students to make an informed decision about what they eat.

  • More Choice, Less Impact

We’ll be adding more delicious plant based choices across the whole of our service to make it easier to eat less meat and reduce our impact on the environment. There is an increasing body of evidence to support this approach – The British Dietetic Association found that “reducing meat consumption to below 50g per day would result in a 39% reduction in our carbon footprint.”

As part of the launch, we’ll be asking our teams to offer tasters to encourage students to try our hero dishes. Feed Your Eco! will then continue to appear on your school’s menu going forward. We are also working to create promotions and competitions to further promote Feed Your Eco! and will be in touch soon with more details.

If you have any feedback on our new range, or ideas on other ways we can work more sustainably, please do get in touch by emailing us at

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