ISS wins EDUcatering Contract Caterer of the Year!

The education catering business at ISS is awarded Contract Caterer of the Year at the annual EDUcatering Excellence Awards.

Run by EDUcatering Magazine, the EDUcatering awards which took place October 9th, 2018 recognise those outstanding individuals who have excelled within the school meals sector. Winning an EDUcatering Excellence Award is a great achievement and one that is highly recognised across catering and education.

ISS were nominated for their work to transform how young people experience food via school lunchtimes. From introducing market-leading concepts, to developing passionate teams to bring them to life, ISS have made significant advancements in the sector which they hope will contribute to the ever-improving perceptions of school food.

Feeding Excellence Every Day (FEED) is their new concept for primary schools, focused on customer experience. ISS considered how they make their approach appropriate for children; making sure they’re relaxed, confident and free of any anxiety, so that they are positive about the whole meal experience – not just the food.

ISS’ secondary schools concept Tiller & Hobs, was formally rolled out across all 50 of their secondary school contracts this year.  Tiller & Hobs offers freshly prepared, balanced, flavoursome food enjoyed in relaxing, inspirational environments. Rural landscapes used throughout the Tiller & Hobs marketing and environments have been used to showcase the farm to fork journey, whilst supporting diners’ mental and emotional wellbeing.

To support these innovations, ISS introduced a training scheme to make sure their employees are empowered to run a successful service. ISS’ iLearn programme exists to support employees in developing their skills, knowledge and behaviours at work. It covers a range of topics crucial to the role of a school caterer, encompassing customer service, health and safety and technical skills. What distinguishes this between other training programmes is that the Professional Standards developed by the school catering industry are embedded within it.

Steve Kemp, Sector Director, ISS Education said: “We are thrilled to have been awarded Contract Caterer of the Year. It’s a great achievement to have won an EDUcatering Award, and for our team to have been recognised by the industry. Our team have worked hard to take our service to the next level, and without their passion it would not have been possible. We will continue to build and improve on how we can help support schools with the wellbeing and attainment of their pupils, and we’re excited to seeing how we build on this in the future.”